Selena Gomez:

Selena Gomez is a North American actress with Mexican roots. Currently she plays Alex Russo on the Disney series Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena Gomez had her first television role on the series Barney and Friends. Nowadays, Selena Gomez lives in Los Angeles where she is filming a season of Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena Gomez is an excellent singer and in the series she sings the theme song: Everything is Not What It Seems. Selena Gomez is also an excellent song-writer who many people look up to.

Meet Joey King, Selena Gomez's Fictional Sister!

Hey Selena fans, today we want to tell you a bit about Joey King, a little actress we are sure you will hear a lot more about in the future.

Who is Joey King? Well, she is the actress who plays Ramona in Ramona & Beezus junto with Selena Gomez.

Joey is just 11, and like other actresses, such as Dakota Fanning, she began acting when she was just 4! She has been on many commercial, some movies and even on CSI. 

Joey didn't get too carried away when she learned that she would be acting alongside Selena. She knows that Selena is an actress and a normal person, and it is no big deal. Joey knows that Selena started out just like her. Working her way up to where she is now. This is a mature opinion for such a young girl. 

What else can we tell you about Joey? She loves Lady Gaga and all her music, clothes, and wigs. She would love to meet the singer in person. 



Selena Gomez - News:


Selena Gomez does not hide the feelings that she has for Justin Bieber. I love this guy, she has said! But don't worry, these two are nothing more than friends.

Well this friendship could turn into a working relationship when the two of them sing together. It looks like it will happen in the very near future when they both have time. 

Selena has even said recently that she would love to do a song with Justin and that it would be like a dream for her. So keep an eye out because you never know when or where this duet will turn up (remember that Justin is on tour right now).


For the moment, here is a video of the two of them from the USA. 

Selena Gomez Look Fab In The Release Of Ramona & Beezus:

Selena's new movie: Ramona and Beezus came out a not long ago and Selena looked great as she walked the red carpet at the premier. 

Selena went with a simple white dress that was very appropriate for the summer weather and also very elegant. Selena also wore coral lipstick, which was the perfect touch to this classy look. Her eye make-up was done in browns and earth tones and highlighted with liquid eyeliner. Last but not least, she wore a lash-lengthening mascara that made her lashes go on forever. 

Remember we told you that it was originally Miley who was going to play Beezus? Well it wasn't just her, but also Miley's little sister who was going to play Ramona. In the end, we know who got the part of Beezus. Congrats Selena!


Happy Birthday Selena:

 Selena has just turned 18! She is now officially an adult!

And how did the star celebrate? With a BBQ for 250 people.
Her mother, Mandy Teefy, prepared everything for her daughter's special day. Selena helped out too, and helped to make the baked potatoes.

All her guests had a great time, and it looks like Selena did too. On Twitter she wrote a message thanking her fans for all the birthday well-wishes and said that she was sure that this year would be even better than the last because of them. She sent them all lots of love!

And from all of Selena's fans, we also want to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SELENA!Happy

Hair Styles Of Selena Gomez:

If there is a one star that loves to change up her hairstyle, it is Selena Gomez.

Her long brown hair is constantly getting a make over. She changes her hair style but not her color, so her hair is not damaged.

Check out all these photos we have of Selena and her different hair styles. All of them are easy enough to do at home. If you want, you can try some of these Selena styles out on yourself!

Waves: Selena loves to let her natural curl flow. If you don't have time to straighten your hair, use a bit of moose and let it air dry to get this wavy look.

Ponytails: If it is too hot out to let your hair hang down then pull it back in a pony tail or in a bun. There are lots of fun accessories to make this a great summer look.

Straight: This is one of the hardest looks to get because you need to blow dry and then iron your hair with the flat iron. It takes time but the results are elegant.



Selena Gomez Videos:


Did you know, Selena Gomez has confirmed that this season will be her last with The Magicians of Waverly Place.

She told MTV that is was a hard choice for her, and that she is sad about leaving the show. 

This is bad news for Alex Russo fans. However, Selena did promise that before it is all over she would do a movie for  he Magicians of Waverly Place.

The movie will bring this part of Selena's life to an end. Now, she wants to focus more on her music. Remember too, that soon you will be able to see a couple of Selena movies, A Year Without Rain and  Ramona and Beezus. Take a listen to a song from the soundtrack in the video below. She sounds great! As always.

Video by XxZaceboyxX from Youtube.


Selena Gomez News:


We all know that Selena is mature, responsible, and has her feet firmly on the ground.

Her parents have a role to play in how mature the singer is. Her  mother is her agent and her father is her bodyguard. They help her with her career insisting that she is a success but also that she never gets too big headed because of fame and fortune.

However, all this control is getting on Selena's nerves. We can imagine that the poor girl who is in the middle of filming  Monte Carlo and A Year Without Rain is tired of always having her parents on her case and wants to have a bit of freedom, just like any other teen.

Selena Gomez Make-up:


 Selena always looks natural. She goes for very subtle, but cute teen makeup.

You can also get this look, just follow these steps from, and you will look gorgeous in no time.



To get a smooth look, use your moisturizer, then prep your face with matte finish foundation. - not too much, just to give the face a smooth and pretty glow. Warm the foundation up and spread it evenly.  If your skin is oily it's ok to press a little bit of powder down through those oily T-zone areas.


Pick up some reflective pearly pink eyeshadow and apply it to the lid up to the brow bone. Then find your crease line and apply some gold shadow on your crease and start blending. Optionally, you can put some more golden eyeshadow to the crease to give depth and intensity to the eyes. The secret of the perfect eye makeup stands in blending - don't forget to blend all colors together smoothly to get rid of any harsh lines.

Apply a single coat of mascara - just wiggle the wand at the base of the lashes and then pull up.


Dust your cheeks with a peachy blush to give them a pretty glow. Take your blush brush and instead of sweeping color on the cheeks, use a popping technique while applying it. Just put some color on the tip of the brush and pop. This will really define a look that's really fresh and healthy glowing.


For the lips use lip gloss will do it. And here's a trick: after you applied your lips gloss, trace little vertical strokes on the lower lip to make the gloss go over the full of the lip, so that light will bounce off easily and to make lips pop out more.   

Selena Gomez Videos:


Selena Gomez plays the part of a spy in the video for her new video, Round and Round, which will be the first single off her new album.

We are anxious to hear the song and buy it, along with her other hit, Kiss and Tell. The truth is that Selena has grown up a lot, and it is evident in her chic style.

The song talks about love and disappointment.  Selena keeps waiting for her guy to make a move, but then he pulls away, and she is sick of it! He keeps messing with her and spinning her (and her emotions) round and round. 

We wonder if Selena was talking about Nick in this song? Last week the rumor got started that the two exes were seeing each other again. Justin Bieber even left a message on Selena's Twitter telling her to take good care of NIck in Budapest........



Selena Gomez - News:

First Photo of "Round & Round"

 Round and Round is the name of her new single which will come out the 20th of June.

Selena is a little impatient and she just couldn't wait to share the new photo on Twitter! In the photo she is surrounded by her band, called The Scene with her in the middle.

Selena Gomez Without Makeup:


Cover up, concealers, blush, eyeshadow, mascara and a make-up artist... this is what makes Selena the beauty on the screen.

When we see stars without any make-up, it is surprising and many times they look nothing like the stars we are used to seeing in the magazines. Today we have a very special photo for you of Selena's natural beauty without any make-up. Really putting a photo through photoshop is just another form of makeup, but all in all it is amazing to see Selena 'All Natural'.

 Selena Gomez with & without make-up.